Baby Shape and Color Learning Wooden Blocks Set - B01LYXZGWC

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  • Wooden

  • Hand Painted

  • Certified Safe And Toxic Free

  • Baby Shape and Color Learning Wooden Block Set

    Young children love bright rainbow colors, interesting geometric shapes, challenging puzzles and different species of turtles.
    The design of these four children's base, peg and block toys combines all of the above elements in a brilliant way to help young children pick up important basic physical and mental skills that are critical to their overall development. This unique set prepares any child for the next exciting stage of their education.
    Our line of wooden toys allow children to use their hands and learn the names of colors, numbers, letters, objects, animals and beyond! These well built wooden sets will last multiple childhoods, and are certified safe and toxic free.

    • 6" x 6" - Completed Base
    • 12 Wooden Shapes
    • 4 Interlocking Turtle Bases
    • Sturdy Wooden Construction
    • Gift Boxed

    Baby Shape and Color Learning Wooden Blocks Set - B01LYXZGWC

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