The CEA strives to create a culture of sustainability in the AMS and Queen’s University by incorporating social, economic, and environmental considerations in its actions. This manifests itself through advocacy for environmental issues, encouragement of sustainable development in both education and infrastructure, and the implementation of sustainable practices within the AMS. Volunteer opportunities are available with any of our committees, our on-campus bike shop, or in a Deputy Commissioner role with the Commission.


Contact: Liam Dowling, Commissioner of Environmental Affairs at or 613-533-6000 x74818

How you can get Involved: The Commission of Environmental Affairs will be hiring volunteers for all of its committees and services come September, so you still have plenty of time to get involved in the campus environmental movement! To find out more, contact either Liam Dowling or any committee specific chairs, as listed below. You can find the applications during hiring periods at

Committees under the CEA:


Greenovations began in 2007 as a project to offset the carbon emissions generated by student travel through Destinations (now Tricolour Outlet) by completing free energy-saving retrofits on homes in the student village. The committee has since expanded, partnering with Utilities Kingston Conservation to a greater number of more substantial retrofits that save students money, increase standards of living in the University District, and increase energy efficiency. Your home may be eligible for new light bulbs, showerheads, a new toilet, fridge, or even insulation within its walls! Greenovations also hosts do-it-yourself retrofit workshop.

Chairs: Kamille Aguilar and Charlotte Heller



 Students for Sustainability

Students for Sustainability  is an entirely student-run committee that focuses on awareness and advocacy on environmental issues. The committee encourages students to adopt positive attitudinal and behavioural changes through sustainability-related educational campaigns on campus. The committee generally selects two environmental issues per year on which to base their major campaigns, incorporating educational components, workshops, and guest speaker events.

If you are passionate about environmental issues and would like to actively participate in advocating for positive change on campus, become a member of the Students for Sustainability Committee!

Chairs: Jack Walsh and Michelle Louie



Youth Mentoring Youth

In late 2010, the Kingston Sustainability Centre started a program known as Youth Mentoring Youth, which sought to organize an environmental-education based initiative where Queen’s students could raise awareness and teach elementary and high school students about sustainability.  Throughout the spring of 2011, Queen’s students went to the KSC to teach both elementary and secondary school children how to lead more sustainable lives. Today, the YMY committee helps develop curriculum and strategies to engage younger students. YMY hires “teaching volunteers” to enter classrooms and deliver the programs. Get involved as a committee member or as a teaching volunteer today!

Chairs: Becca Highet and Chris Lanz


Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is a space on the second floor of the JDUC that is a home for anything you may need. Come by, drop off your old school supplies or household goods and pick up new ones! Everything in the room is totally free, so if the door is unlocked, help yourself. It has been known to stock textbooks, lab equipment (coats and goggles), graphing calculators, and more!

If you're tired of still having to pay for basic supplies, come visit! 

Deputy: Charlotte Heller