SGPS defends and expands the rights of graduate and professional students. We are a key constituency of Queen's and part of one of the most vibrant and productive groups in the nation. 

We lobby the Queen's administration as well as the provincial and federal governments on issues crucial to the well-being and success of graduate and professional students. 

We represent graduate and professional interests and participate in the governance of the University at the Senate, the Board of Trustees, the University Council, and over 40 university committees. 

How you can get Involved: There are countless ways that you can be involved with the SGPS while you are here studying at Queen's. The SGPS has yearly elected executive positions, a wide variety of staff positions and many different volunteer possibilities. If you want to get involved and help shape the graduate lifestyle at Queen's, please come in to the SGPS office or use the pages under this heading to find something that interests you. The office is located in the JDUC room 021.


Contact: Sustainability Coordinator,