QUEST: Queen’s University Experimental Sustainability Team is the only interdisciplinary, interfaculty design team with a broad focus on sustainability. Sustainability has become an integral aspect in engineering design and is a key focus in industry objectives as issues of resource scarcity, environmental degradation and economic development become apparent in modern civilization.  The team's goal is to achieve self-sufficient, sustainable living with projects designed to remediate issues present in society and decrease human impact on the environment. Through projects and campus-wide interaction QUEST hopes to address the human behaviour factor by designing systems that change the way energy and resources are consumed in a residential setting.

The team’s directors, executive, project managers and general member base collaborate to generate project ideas and create new designs.  QUEST aims to develop its members as professionals in several ways. The team provides a setting to apply skills and knowledge acquired academically and through independent experience to meaningful and innovative projects.  Quest currently has a member base from all disciplines in the Engineering and Applied Science Faculty and several members from the Faculty of Arts and Science. All members contribute varying skills and ensure the team is dynamically developing its design process and strength at the University.




Contact: Team Captain @:

How you can get Involved: Do you have a passion for sustainability, or a new idea for a green initiative? Perhaps you are just interested in getting involved and think sustainability is a good fit. This multidisciplinary team is always looking for new members with the interest and initiative. Contact us to come out to a meeting! We are located on the first floor of the ILC in Rm 115D.