Project Community Garden (PCG) is a student run project, which works in partnership with Sydenham Street United Church. PCG is completely volunteer run, and seeks to encourage participation from both Queen’s students and members of the Kingston community. The summer of 2014 was our first growing season, in which we grew a variety of heirloom vegetables and herbs, on a 42ft by 21ft plot located on the front lawn of Sydenham Street United Church. . The purpose of the garden is to create a biologically productive and educational space in which Queen’s students and members of the Kingston community can learn about and engage in urban agriculture. In doing so, we seek to lessen the disconnect between us and our food and promote concepts of food sovereignty.

The majority of the garden’s harvest is donated through Loving Spoonful to help provide healthy meals to individuals and families who might not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  In this past growing season we produced approximately 100lbs of food, which was donated through Loving Spoonful’s “Grow a Row” program. Volunteers and community members are always welcome to share in the harvest as well and take home from the garden what they wish.

In this coming year we hope to further promote the garden as an educational space, through the addition of monthly workshops and speakers. These workshops will be intended to promote different aspects and methods of achieving food sovereignty, with topics such as wild food harvesting and bread making.

For those who wish to learn more or volunteer, please visit us at: