Kingston Field Naturalists

The Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN) founded in 1949 is a well-established nature club and charitable organization. Its objectives are the preservation of wildlife, natural habitats and the stimulation of people's interest in nature. The Club membership has a diversity of interests in nature and so a variety of activities take place year-round. Bird watching trips and competitions, nature rambles, wildflower walks and other field trips are led by knowledgeable individuals from both within and outside the Club. Each May the public is invited to join a series of bird walks.

The KFN owns two local nature reserves -- a large forest reserve near Frontenac Park (the Helen Quilliam Sanctuary) and a migratory bird stopover and grassland habitat on Amherst Island (the Martin Edwards Reserve). The Club is also steward to several other local protected areas.

The KFN actively carries out conservation efforts of its own and supports those of other organizations. Issues such as parks creation, wildlife habitat protection, public environmental policy, and environmental welfare are of ongoing concern to the KFN. The Club takes public positions on local issues affecting the preservation of our natural heritage.

The world around us is filled with natural wonders that intrigue youngsters. The Kingston Field Naturalists sponsors youth programs that foster their curiosity. Direct experience of nature leads to understanding and an appreciation of the need for conservation and preservation. Both Junior and Teen programs are organized by KFN members with a background in natural history and education.

Monthly meetings are open to both members and the public are held at 7:30 PM the third Thursday of the month from September to May in the Biosciences Complex, Room 1102, Queen's University.