Welcome to Eco-Happenings: the Sustainable Queen's Blog

Sustainable Queen's exists as a resource to build up the environmental movement here at Queen's University and in the City of Kingston. We believe that by being this one-stop source (through this website or the Facebook page), we can help students to find all of the sustainability initiatives and events that are happening and facilitate easier access in getting involved! 

Sustainable Queen's is an unbiased, non-partisan entity in which all sorts of different aspects of environmentalism are respected and encouraged. 

So whether your passion for the environment started from when you were as young as these kids in the picture below or you're just dipping your feet into sustainability now (and are unsure of how you should get involved), there is absolutely something environmental-related at Queen's or in Kingston for you. 

                         Peter (CES Commissioner) at the Great Lake Water Festival, teaching water conservation!

                        Peter (CES Commissioner) at the Great Lake Water Festival, teaching water conservation!

There are several committees and clubs and community organizations and research opportunities. From divestment to bikes to community gardening, give something a shot and get involved! Fall hiring is probably happening right now!

There is also a continuously updated events calendar, where we post every environmental event we can find. If there is an event that we have missed, please contact us

Subsequent blog posts will be written about sustainable initiatives that have happened or are currently happening at Queen's or in Kingston. Please contact ces@ams.queensu.ca if you would like to guest author a blog post for your particular group or event! 

Thanks for reading! Be keen, stay green! 

Diana Yoon