Bloco Toys Lizards and Chameleons - B000V2HU14

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  • 192 high-density foam and plastic connectors

  • Includes step-by-step instructions for building a chameleon, flying dragon, gecko, frilled lizard, basilisk and a small chameleon (3 at a time)

  • Kids can either build the illustrated designs or create their own

  • Big thumbs-up from parents for resistant pieces that are also safe, easy to manipulate and washable

  • Parents Choice Award 2008, Preffered Choice Award 2008 from Creative Child Magazine, What the Stuff Toy Review Award 5 star/5 star in 2009

  • Bloco is a different species of construction tou! You simply plug the plastic connectors in the foam pieces, and play! Bloco pieces are modular to enable you to build and shape a world of models. Realistic, sci-fi, terrifying, Bloco-comical, Bloco-co.

    From the Manufacturer

    Unique foam and plastic construction set with 6 different lizards both boys and girls can enjoy. High quality pieces are attractively colored to stimulate play and can interlink, stack and rotate an endless variation of creatures kids can build.

    Bloco Toys Lizards and Chameleons - B000V2HU14

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