Bikes and Boards is a repair shop that focuses on basic repairs for commuter, road, hybrid and mountain bikes as well as skate boards and long boards, while focusing on the promotion of social, environmental and economic sustainability through its internal operations and community outreach programming. They provide access to our tools for a small fee so if you know how to fix it but just don’t have the right wrench, They've got you covered! Throughout the year we will have a selection of refurbished bikes and new longboards for sale so keep your eyes peeled for your perfect match! Bike parts and accessories such as tubes, locks, lights and bells are also available for purchase.

Summer Hours:

Monday-Wednesday 10-5

Regular Hours: 

Monday-Friday: 12-4 pm

Exam Hours:

Monday-Friday: 12-3 pm



Contact: Lang Bunka, Head Director, at or 613-533-6000 x78043